ABI Week - Harvey Road Success Stories

This week is Action for Brain Injury Week and the theme is “see the hidden me”. For many people with a brain injury, their symptoms are misunderstood which can be challenging and frustrating. For many, theirs can be a hidden disability and for others, their brain injury has led to physical and mental health needs.

When supporting people with a brain injury, as with any support, there’s no “one size fits all”. Understanding the person’s own individual wants and needs, their goals and their challenges is essential to providing the best- and effective – support possible.

An example of seeing the person and working with her unique wants and needs is Maria, who was recently supported at Harvey Road, an Accomplish specialist ABI service.

In her 40s, after surviving her brain injury Maria faced challenges with her mobility as well as communication and cognitive abilities. She needed intensive staff support and often experienced low mood leaving her tearful and anxious.

Maria came to Harvey Road for an extended period of rehabilitation and the team worked with her to set a range of individual goals which were designed to maximise her independence, regain her skills and help her move on positively as quickly as possible. With personalised support which looked beyond the brain injury and at Maria’s own preferences, wants and needs she was able to achieve all of those goals.

Her personalised intensive rehabilitation included input from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists – all of them supporting Maria as an individual and understanding her goals. Alongside her, they set rehabilitation goals for the short term, medium and long term to maximise her independence skills including personal care, mobility, memory and life skills such as money management. And she achieved them all.

Maria now lives less supportive environment where she continues to make excellent progress.

A second example of seeing the person beyond the brain injury is Keith, who was also supported at Harvey Road. After having a stroke he came to the service for a 12-week rehabilitation programme. However, with personalised and specialist support – along with his own determination and hard work – he was able to return home earlier than planned.

The team worked with Keith to create a bespoke plan to maximise his rehabilitation and overcome the physical and cognitive difficulties. Those were most significant during more complex tasks and Keith would understandably become frustrated.

Keith and his team developed a plan which included physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy to improve his mobility, self-care and communication. They all worked hard on those goals – which he achieved.

As he improved, Keith was able to spend weekends at home, with support staff each morning to help with his routine. As progress continued. Keith was able to go out on his own using his electric wheelchair, to shop for himself and become more independent.

He left Harvey Road to return home where he continues to make good progress and to live as independently as possible.

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