Bryan Regains His Independent Living Skills and Achieves His Ambition

Positive care and support from the team at The Grove has helped Bryan* regain his independent living skills and achieve his ambition to move closer to his family.

Bryan has bi-polar disorder and alcohol-related cognitive impairment. Misusing alcohol he found himself homeless and sleeping on the streets. His mental health deteriorated and he was admitted to hospital. As he did not meet the criteria for being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, Bryan was an informal patient and a permanent residential care placement was sought.

While a longer-term placement was being made ready for him, Bryan moved to The Grove where his physical and mental health needs could be met in the meantime. There, with positive support and encouragement from the staff team, he made good progress in many areas such as personal care, social and community integration and independent living skills. Bryan’s confidence and self-esteem improved and he moved to his planned placement.

However, after a few weeks he began suffering from ill health and experienced a range of behaviours which were challenging for him. Bryan did not like where he was living and his mental health deteriorated to the extent he was sectioned. His medication was revised to try to stabilise his mental and physical health, and Bryan returned to his residential placement. However, after just four days, he was sectioned again and returned to hospital.

Given the progress Bryan had previously made while being supported at The Grove, it was recommended he should return on a longer-term residential placement. Since then Bryan has worked closely with the staff team and has gained more independence in all aspects of his life.

He said: “I have made positive progress in all areas and my mental and physical health is much improved. I enjoy fishing, drawing, writing and music and have been involved in different activities, all in line with my personal interests, during my time in the home.

“I feel more confident as a person and am now in a position to move closer to where my family is. This has always been my long-term goal. It is a smaller service and I hope to progress even further.”

*Name changed for confidentiality

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