Darren's Amazing Progression at Ty Arfryn

Read about how Darren has progressed, physically and mentally since moving to Ty Arfryn following sustaining a brain injury.

Darren surfingThe right support in the right location is helping Darren regain his independence at his own pace and helping him achieve his self-set goals.

In February 2017, Darren sustained a brain injury following an unprovoked assault, an event which left him in a coma. When he regained consciousness, he found he had significantly impaired mobility and had to learn to move and walk again.

The assault sadly wasn’t Darren’s first health difficulty. As a young man, he had previously sustained serious injuries as a passenger in a car accident while just a few months away from qualifying as an electrician. As a result wasn’t able to complete his studies. Although he lost confidence and experienced significant challenges, Darren was determined to live life to the full; he learned to drive, married, became a father and moved to Australia – all in all “had an amazing life experience”.

Darren returned to the UK and it was in Wales that he was attacked. In the five years since then, it has been a slow road to recovery for Darren, who initially was initially treated in hospital for 15 months and who has now been supported at Accomplish Group’s Ty Arfryn residential service since June 2018.

He said: “I was in a coma for a month, the damage was huge. I had really limited mobility when I woke up and had to learn to move and walk.

“When it was time to leave hospital, I visited a couple of different services, but I knew Ty Arfryn was the right place for me.

Darren at the gym

“First of all, I enjoy going to the gym and fitness and it’s next to the gym. That’s been really motivating for me. There’s also good walks all around, which is good. Best of all is the support – I call everyone here at Ty Arfryn my second family. Everything I’ve learned to do again since I came to live here, the staff have supported me to do.

“Even during the pandemic, it was amazing. We couldn’t go out as much so we did things like set up a projector and had cinema nights. I go to the gym, I’m learning to cook, learning to surf, going out on my bike. I’ve had a job. I’ve got my confidence back.

Darren cooking using the slow cooker

“I like to be kept busy and I love helping out here. I’ve helped put up fencing, a bird table, planters, helped with painting and built a chicken run. I feed our four hens every day and collect the eggs, clean their coop and keep them safe.

“They said after the assault that I would be paralysed and would never walk again – but I said ‘no, that’s not going to happen’. I wanted to prove them wrong and I have. A huge part of that has been possible because of the support I’ve had from my second family here at Ty Arfryn.”

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