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At Eynesbury House we support people who have a dual diagnosis of Autism or a mild Learning Disability. We offer a unique service in providing a home from home approach in both a comfortable and supportive environment, enabling all the necessary life skills in order to live a fulfilling independent life. We believe with the right support everyone can realise their potential and gain maximum control over their future.

Our staff team is made up of diverse group of individuals with creative, innovative ideas and unique skills set. Our focus is to empower the people we support and prepare them for employment, extra curriculum activates and education. All the people we support have the qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success.

We offer a person centred and Autism friendly approach for everyone supported. Staff encourage people to gain self-awareness and an increased understanding of their own Autism. This ensures that the support we provide, makes the most of the gifts and skills their Autism can bring, as well as seeking to reduce the difficulties each person may face.

We offer a person centred and Autism friendly approach for every autistic person supported. Staff encourage people to gain self-awareness and an increased understanding of their own Autism. This ensures that the support we provide, makes the most of the gifts and skills their Autism can bring, as well as seeking to reduce the difficulties each person may face.

Our Approach

At Eynesbury House we always concentrate not on what the people we support can’t do, but on what they can do and how can this be improved upon. Everything we do is approached with enthusiasm, empathy, understanding and commitment. We seek to promote individuality and free thinking. People we support are supported to understand their diagnosis and develop coping strategies to manage their anxieties, which reduce the frequency and severity of challenging behaviours.

We want to see things through each person’s eyes, so we truly understand their goals and aspirations. We support people to take risks and find innovative ways to enable them to achieve their dreams in a safe way.

Each person we support liaises with their keyworker to discuss their likes, interests, goals and aspirations. These could include starting a college course, having a job, wanting to cook or just having the confidence to go to the shops. Staff support people towards achieving their goals. This may require social stories, education on social rules, understanding body language and facial expressions.

Positive Outcomes

Our positive and encouraging approach has successfully worked, with individuals currently accessing training, volunteering, extra curriculum activates, attending college and where possible employment opportunities. On average every year someone moves on to dependence. From individuals moving into their own flat, to others moving back home.

Witnessing the people we support develop in to mature, confident, independent individuals is a very proud moment for all involved and makes our job the best job in the world and this is largely down to the ever ongoing support and encouragement from our unique staffing team.

Autism Focussed

At Eynesbury House we have a proactive Autism Strategy in place, which aims to promote independence and positive experiences. Staff support people to manage and learn to accept themselves as autistic individuals with their own unique set of strengths as well as any struggles they face. Everyone supported at Eynesbury House have unique skills and abilities and staff endeavour to provide meaningful opportunities, which enables individuals to express their personalities and raise their self-esteem, by really valuing everyone’s gifts and skills. We provide a quality service built on respect, trust and honesty and believe in offering equal opportunities to all.

Our experienced and well trained staff are supported by our Autism Advisor, Communication Development Workers, Psychologists and Behavioural Advisors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with autistic people.

We understand the challenges that social interaction presents for autistic individuals and we seek to develop each person’s social ability, both in the home and out in the community where they are encouraged to practise new skills.

Autism Profiles

With support from our accomplish Autism Advisor, we have developed a profile of the way Autism impacts each person living within our service. The Autism profile highlights the person supported strengths as well as the areas where support is needed. Each Autism profile summarises the diagnostic criteria and creates a picture that is both Autism focussed and person specific. Through this, staff can work in a truly person-centred and Autism intelligent way.

Transition Support

Eynesbury House offers a transition service to support young people who are leaving home, school or college and setting out on adult life. Moving forward can be an exciting and challenging time and with it can bring lots of changes. Eynesbury House’s aim is to work together in an integrated way with all involved, to ensure a smooth transition onto the next chapter of a young person’s life. We understand people may feel anxious about change and ensure each person has a transition plan. This ensures a truly Autism aware and personalised approach is carried out for each transition experience.


Eynesbury House consists of 6 en-suite bedrooms in the main house and 3 en-suite bedrooms in the mews, which is on the same site as Eynesbury House. There is plenty of communal space to encourage socialising and interaction, with an open access kitchen and a laundry room that enables people we support to gain confidence and build on their life skills. The service also has a conservatory and spacious, beautiful landscaped gardens.


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Summary and contact details

  • Support Type: Autism, Learning Disabilities
  • Capacity: 9 Adults
  • Gender: Mixed Gender
  • Location: St Neots
  • General enquiries: 01480 218 899
  • Email: info@accomplish-group.co.uk

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