Maria Regains Her Independence at Harvey Road

When Maria, a lady in her 40s, suffered an acquired brain injury, it impacted her mobility, communication, and cognitive abilities. Needing intensive staff support, she also experienced low mood, and was often tearful and anxious. Maria came to Harvey Road for an extended period of rehabilitation and the team worked with her to set a range of goals designed to maximise her independence, regain her skills and help her move on positively as quickly as possible.

When she arrived Maria was unable to walk and used a wheelchair. At Harvey Road, with support from two therapists, she began practice walking. Maria also had limited movement in her left arm and leg. As a result of her brain injury, she experienced significant cognitive difficulties, had difficulty processing information and had reduced awareness. She was easily distracted and complex tasks were challenging. Maria also needed staff support with personal care, planning, shopping and preparation of meals.

An intensive rehabilitation plan was put in place which included input from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists. With Maria, they set rehabilitation goals for the short term, medium and long term to maximise her independence skills including personal care, mobility, memory and life skills such as money management.

Following an extended period of intensive rehabilitation Maria achieved all her goals, both short and long term. Her mobility was so greatly improved that she was able to walk internal stairs with supervision.  She had regular visits from her son and was able to prepare meals for both of them independently.  

Maria no longer used her wheelchair indoors and walked with a quad stick. She was able to undertake all her personal care independently, improved her reading and was able to manage her finances independently. She was also able to plan shopping for the week and prepare all meals independently.

As a result, Maria was successfully discharged to a less supportive environment.

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