Volunteering Blog for Volunteers' Week

Volunteers’ Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the contribution of millions of people who give their time and effort to benefit others.

Across Accomplish’s services many of the people we support act as volunteers giving their time to animal sanctuaries, charity shops and youth clubs.

As well as being a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the local community, it’s also a chance for people to get involved in the things they enjoy, learn and practice important skills and meet lots of different people – and animals!

In some cases people volunteer within the service they are supported in; for example, at one of our services we have pet guinea pigs which need taking care of and there’s never a shortage of volunteers to make sure they are clean, fed and watered. Also at the service, volunteers run a shop which stocks a range of handy bits and pieces, as well as specially created items which are sold for charity. And the people we support also benefit from volunteers; they’re regularly visited by Delilah from Pets As Therapy whose input at the service helps people greatly.

Volunteers Week runs from 1st June, until 7th June. Inspire others & get involved this volunteers week!

Animals and working with them is hugely positive for people supported right across Accomplish. At residential service Cildewi House, one of the things people missed most during the periods of lockdown brought about by COVID was the chance to volunteer at the local animal rescue centre. People supported at Cildewi are passionate about caring for the animals there and enjoy walking the dogs and commit at least an hour a week each to play their part.

At Trevelyan there are also volunteers working at a nearby animal sanctuary twice a week for several hours at a time while at Wings one of the people we support also volunteers with animals, this time at a local farm. One of her roles is to clean the chicken pen – not an easy task!

Staff at Accomplish enjoy supporting people to volunteer. At Greenview, one of the people we support volunteers at a local youth club with staff support including holding a mental health workshop while another became a volunteer peer mentor on a regular basis at a local college.

As well as volunteering for external organisations, others give their time to benefit people supported in Accomplish services. Carol, for example, uses her extensive crafting skills to run “Carol’s Crafting Corner” as part of the weekly virtual Accomplish Social Club – and her session is a firm favourite with attendees.

Volunteering – in whatever capacity it takes place and whether it benefits other human beings or whether the beneficiaries of the effort and time are animals – is proven to be excellent for everyone’s mental health; giving back to others simply makes us feel great.

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Volunteering Blog for Volunteers’ Week

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